Twetacoin is the most famous version in the Twetacoin series of publisher Tweta International Network

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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Finance
October 9, 2021
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With Twetacoin App, You Can
¶ Buy
¶ Sell
¶ Send
¶ Receive
¶ Store And;
¶ Trade
Twetacoin And Other Twetachain Tokens
Tweta International Is Mandated To Raise And Empower All African Youth In The Complete Measures Of Wealth (Purpose, Money, Character, Health, Leadership Etc) By Building A Decentralized Financial & Socio Economic System With Blockchain Technology & Crypto Currency.
T W E T A Is An Acronym For The Wealthy Tribe Of Africa.
Twetacoin Is Built To Be Africa’s Most Trusted & Used Crypto Currency For Transactions Of Goods & Services.
Twetacoin Is Built On Its Own Blockchain Known As Twetachain.
Twetacoin Is The Native Currency Of The Tweta International And Is Built To Be Africa’s Most Trusted & Used Crypto Currency For Transactions Of Goods And Services.
Tweta International Network Comprises Of
¶ Tweta Blockchain (Twetachain)
¶ Tweta Exchange (Website & App)
¶ Tweta Bupip (Business Partnership, Integration & Payments – Real Estate, Agriculture, Auto Mobiles Etc)
¶ Twetachain Mining Hub
¶ Tweta Swap
¶ Tweta Wallet
¶ Tweta Online Market
¶ Tweta Coin Center
¶ Tweta Forex Broker
¶ Tweta Foundation
¶ Tweta Crowd-Funding Smart Contract
¶ Tweta E Voting Smart Contract
¶ Tweta E Pay Smart Contract And;
¶ 65 Other Tweta Utilities
While We Focus More On Service Rather Than Value Speculation, We Know That Twetacoin Will Consistently Grow In Value Owing To All The Factors Listed Above And More.
Tweta International Crypto Currency (Twetacoin) & Blockchain (Twetachain) Were Built With Three Major Things In Mind; “Solution, Innovation & Evolution”
Twetacoin & Twetachain Are Here To:
1. Solve All The Problems That Existing Crypto Currency & Blockchain Technology Are Solving, But In A More Innovative And Productive Manner
2. Innovatively Solve All The Problems That Existing Crypto Currencies Are Yet To Solve
3. Innovatively Evolve Into Any Dimension That The World Changes Or Grows Into
Some Of These Evolving Innovative Solutions Include:
• Decentralization Of Finance
• Limitless Practical Utilities For Global Mass Adoption
• Fast Financial Transactions
• Cheap Financial Transactions
• Easy Financial Transactions
• High Tech Operations
• Self Banking
• Transparency
• Unlimited Increase In Value Of Currency/Asset & Much More
Twetacoin &Twetachain Are Here To Do Everything That Is And Will Be, The Best Way They Should Be
Tweta International Will Use Twetachain And Twetacoin To Drive The Mass Adoption Of Blockchain Technology And Crypto Currencies In Africa As These Would Result To True Freedom And Wealth Creation For All, Amongst Many Others.

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With Twetacoin App, You Can¶ Buy¶ Sell¶ Send¶ Receive¶ Store And;¶ TradeTwetacoin And Other Twetachain TokensYou Can Download Twetacoin App From Google Play Store & Apple Store.
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