Sparkle loan Instant Cash

Sparkle loan Instant Cash

Sparkle loan info Instant Cash is the most famous version in the Sparkle loan info Instant Cash series of publisher Vipér Pvt ltd.

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Sparkle loan info Instant Cash India’s online loan app with a low-interest rate, instant loan approval-related information app.

The app is an authorized digital lending platform and fully adheres to all regulatory requirements of the RBI. We have been partnered with India’s registered Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) all the time including Baba Lease and Investment Private Limited. The names of our partnered NBFCs can be found on the RBI website access:


Currently, we provide loans with a minimum period repayment of 91 days and a maximum period of 180 days, the amount from Rs 2500 to Rs 30,000, the minimum annual interest rate is 9% and the maximum annual interest rate is 33%.

The processing fee rate is based on personal credit which starts from 1% up to 10% of the loan amount.
For example when you take a 6000 loan, the loan term is 6 months, then you will get as following shows:

Interest for the first month: 6000 (principal) × 1% (monthly interest) = 60
Then the repayment amount in the 1st month is 1000 + 60 = 1060
Interest for the 2nd month: (6000-1000) × 1% = 50
Then the repayment amount in the second month is 1000 +50= 1050
Interest for the 3rd month: (6000-2000) × 1% = 40
Then the repayment amount in the 3rd month is 1000 + 40 = 1040
Interest for the 4th month: (6000-3000) × 1% = 30
Then the repayment amount in the 3rd month is 1000 + 30 = 1030
Interest for the 5th month: (6000-4000) × 1% = 20
Then the repayment amount in the 3rd month is 1000 + 20 = 1020
Interest for the 6th month: (6000-5000) × 1% = 10
Then the repayment amount in the 3rd month is 1000 + 10 = 1010
The total interest is: 60 (1st month) + 50 (2nd month) + 40 (3rd month) + 30 (4th month) + 20 (5th month) + 10 (6th month) = 210

The total amount of repayment: 6210

Sparkle loan Documents required for a loan application:
• Aadhaar card
• PAN card
• Bank account (to get a loan)

The loan application process on the loan app is simple and you have to upload just a few documents to get your loan application accepted. You can get your loan application approved without paying an additional fee. With the loan app, you can get your salary early or get payday loans in your account. You can apply for a loan online directly using our loan app.

Why choose the Sparkle loan app:

1. Paperless and digital process on your mobile
2. Wide range of easy instant loans to meet your financial needs
3. Get 24*7 access to loans anytime, anywhere
4. No guarantors or collaterals are needed
5. Variety of convenient repayment options
6. Get your loan instantly credited to your bank account
7. As the credit score grows, the sanctioned amount gradually increases

Sparkle loan Eligibility:

1. Indian Resident
2. 18-56 years old
3. Source of a monthly income

How to apply for a Sparkle loan:

• Install loan application
• Fill in your basic information to understand your loan eligibility
• Submit KYC documents and apply for a loan.
• After the application is approved, we will transfer the loan directly to your bank account.

Sparkle loan Security:

All the transactions are secured via 256-bit SSL encryption. We will not share your data with any third party without your consent.

Contact Sparkle loan:

If you have any questions or complaints, please leave us. We are ready to serve you.
Customer service time: Monday-Saturday 9:30 am-17:30 pm

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