Procash online loans

Procash online loans

Procash is the most famous version in the Procash series of publisher wuhanzhikang

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Android 5.0 and up
Android Android 5.0 and up Finance
November 17, 2021
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Procash is an intermediary that provides online loans to its users which can be operated through mobile app anytime and anywhere.
Our advantages:
— Loan on Phone: solve the loan issues once and for all
— Low Interest Rates, Quick Get: as low as 0.05% per day for interest rates – Loan and Repay Safely: encrypt all your private information during the whole process
— Flexible Repayment: various methods for your repaying
Fees and Interest – Tenure: Ranges from 180 to 365 days
— Loan Amount: Up to ₦100,000
— APR: Annual Percentage Rate is 10%(lowest)~18%(highest)
For example, if a customer borrows ₦10,000 for 365 days (12 months), the APR is 15%.
We would charge the customer ₦ 10,000 * 15% = ₦ 1,500 as interest of 365 days
repayment period.
Total amount of repayment is ₦10,000 + ₦1,500 = ₦11,500.
As the repayment period is for 12 months
Monthly repayment is ₦10,000/12+ ₦10,000×15%/12 = ₦958.33
To repay the loan, please log in to your app and follow the instructions. Repay the loans
before the due date to improve your credit score, gain access to higher amounts on the
loan app, longer tenures and lower interest rates.
Privacy & Permissions
Please read our privacy policy carefully to get a clear understanding of how we collect, use,
protect or otherwise handle your Personally Identifiable Information in accordance with
our website and app. We take privacy seriously – all data you choose to share with us is
encrypted and your personal information will never be shared without your consent.

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