PI Loan Instant Loan App

PI Loan Instant Loan App

PI Loan - Instant Loan is the most famous version in the PI Loan - Instant Loan series of publisher Boba Fett Apps

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March 1, 2022
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PI Loan Instant Loan is India’s advanced digital lending online lending platform. We aim to meet the financial needs of customers in life, users can purchase mobile phones through loans, short-term emergency, renewal, and other installment expenses.
Cash Credit provides the latest and most popular cash loan products on the market. At Cash Credit, you can always see the latest and fast loan products, as well as the official loan details, so that you can choose the product quickly.
PI Loan in 2 minutes – Easy Loan Cash Guide App Provide Appropriate information for how you can take a loan online with the minimum document.
PI Loan : Instant Loan on mobile by using this quick loan guide app you can get all details about how to get home loan, education loan, credit card loan, business loan, gold loan, car loans, bike loans, student loan apps.
=> Eligibility:
1. Indian citizen.
2. Minimum age 20 years.
3. Salaried and stable monthly income.
=> Loan characteristics:
Loan amount from 750 to 50,000
Repayment periods from 61 days to 180 days
APR from 12% to 18% per annum
Processing fees range from 3% to 12% (GST 18% applies)
You may be charged up to 0.2% daily late fees for late payments (capped to 18% of the principal amount overdue).
No other hidden fees are applicable to your loans!

=> An example of PI Loan:

If the loan amount is 5,000 rupees, the annualized interest rate is 30% and the term is 91 days.
The total interest payable is: ₹5,000*30%/360*91=₹379
The handling fee payable is: ₹5,000*2%=₹100
The total debt is: ₹5,000+₹100+₹379=₹5479
The monthly repayment amount is: ₹5,479/3=₹1,826.3

=> Advantages of PI Loan:

? Paperless and digital processes on
mobile phones
? 24*7 loan service
? Efficient work
? Low-interest rate
? Zero pre-closure charge
? Pay to account after approval
? Cover the whole of India
? Long-term use, credit accumulation, higher quota
? The repayment method is up to you
Declaimers: We are not asking the to applicant pay advance money for the loan. Please be aware this kind of fraud.
Thank you for choosing this app…

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