Naira Key – Personal Online Loan, Instant Cash

Naira Key – Personal Online Loan, Instant Cash

Naira Key - Personal Online Loan, Instant Cash is the most famous version in the Naira Key - Personal Online Loan, Instant Cash series of publisher DongWei

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June 15, 2021
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Application Note
Naira Key provide flexible loan products. For online loans in Nigeria, super loans and best loans in Nigeria, please download and apply for Naira Key.
•Loan App Naira Key provides:
⚡Loan amount: ₦3,000~₦200,000⚡
Loan term: the shortest is 91 days, the longest is 365 days
Interest rate: daily interest rate is 0.1% monthly interest rate is 3%, the highest annual interest rate is 36%
Handling fees and other fees: 2%

Interest calculation formula
Monthly repayment amount = monthly repayment principal + monthly repayment interest;
Monthly repayment of principal = total loan/number of months of loan;
Monthly repayment interest = loan principal balance * loan monthly interest rate (loan monthly interest rate = annual interest rate/12);
Loan principal balance = total loan-number of months of repayment * monthly principal repayment.

Examples of loans:
Loan 200,00NGN; 12 months of loan; monthly interest rate calculation of 3% (monthly interest = annual interest/12 months):
Monthly repayment of principal=20,000/12=1666.67NGN;
Interest repaid in the first month=20,000*3%=600NGN;
Total repayment in the first month=1666.67+600=2266.67
The interest paid in the second month decreases: 1666.67*3%=50NGN
Total repayment in the second month=2266.67-50=2216.67NGN
Decrease 50NGN every month thereafter
The total interest is: 3900NGN
Total debt is 23,900 NGN

•Several steps to obtain a loan:
1. Install Naira Key;
2. Register an account;
3. Fill in the basic information and submit;
4. Apply online;
5. Deposit your loan directly into your bank account;
Repay your loan in time or complete the ""Increase Limit"" task to establish your credit limit and lower interest rates.

• Who can borrow:
1. Resident of Nigeria.
2. 20-55 years old.
3. Sources of monthly income.

• contact us:
Customer Service Email: [email protected]

Naira Key app Offers Instant Online Loan Anytime, Anywhere.

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