Green Light, Red Light | Squid Game Button

Green Light, Red Light | Squid Game Button

Green Light, Red Light | Squid Game Button is the most famous version in the Green Light, Red Light | Squid Game Button series of publisher Shambhala Meme Buttons

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Android 4.4 and up
Android Android 4.4 and up Entertainment
October 22, 2021
4.2 ( 891 ratings )
Price: $0

Green Light, Red Light | Squid Game Button poster

If you like the game of squid ? you’re in luck because this app is for you. We bring you exclusively the famous game of the doll that turns against the tree ? to sing a song ?.
This is an animated sound button application to play in real life this classic and wonderful game so addictive and engaging. You just have to press the button when you want the wrist to turn! With totally original and quality graphics.
So, to play you have to do the following:
– Two lines are drawn on the ground or some imaginary references that will trace the course and the path to follow to the finish line
– A person will make a wrist, put on a part of the field (the finish line) and use this application on his mobile phone, pressing the button when he wants the wrist to turn
– The others will have to advance from the starting line to the finish line without being seen by the wrist, that is, when it is against the tree
Woever reaches the finish line sooner will win!
Green light ? or red light ?? With the green light you can get through, but with the red light you can’t. Will you make it to the finish line ? without your wrist turning and seeing you ? or detecting you with its ? cameras?
Download this squid game app now and enjoy playing with your friends!

The squid game ? arrives on your device in a new button app! Red light ? or green light ?? Will you get past the finish line ??

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