EcoMiner – Cloud Mining Bitcoin

EcoMiner – Cloud Mining Bitcoin

EcoMiner - Cloud Mining Bitcoin is the most famous version in the EcoMiner - Cloud Mining Bitcoin series of publisher Crypto Dev App

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Android Android 6.0 and up Business
September 13, 2021
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Key areas of the EcoMiner company:

✓ Cloud mining;
✓ PoS Mining;
✓ Cryptocurrency exchange;
✓ Trading

*Cloud mining
Capital formation is possible today with the help of cryptocurrency mining, which is successfully used by thousands of entrepreneurs around the world. Cloud mining is a great way to invest in a highly profitable business.
It is difficult for an entrepreneur to cover all costs for a physical mining farm and not go into the red. Expensive video cards, power consumption, the need to rent a room and other expense payments lead to barriers to return on investment.

Ready-made cloud mining systems can be rented without worrying about a special room, payment for consumed energy and other costs.
EcoMiner is a ready-made cloud mining resource for quick income generation. A team of specialists monitors all price fluctuations in the market, the rise or fall of the cryptocurrency rate, managers are looking for new items or promising projects for more profitable investment.
EcoMiner unites miners and private clients on its platform, supports 10 types of cryptocurrencies and 1 token. For cloud mining, the project implements 7 coins for cloud mining. The interest rate is 0.51% per day from the client's investments.
To get started, register on the site and make a deposit in the coin you intend to mine, after the only deposit please.
EcoMiner provides hosting services for miners from all over the world, provides high-speed Internet.

The EcoMiner team is working to make the platform user-friendly, popular and beneficial for its users. The development took into account the concepts of a sharing economy for the cryptocurrency market. The EcoMiner platform provides a solution that guarantees a safe and efficient mining operation.
*Support coins and min.withdraw
Bitcoin=0.001 BTC
Dogecoin=100 Doge
Tether=10 USDT
BNB=0.10 BNB
Tron and BitTorrent=500-1000 Coin
*Free Tokens
The project issues a random number of its tokens to the user in the chat. In other words, for communication, the user receives a platform token for free.
AirDrop currently produces Doge or USDT every hour
For registration, each user receives 1 token, and if you came using your friend's promo code – an additional 1 token as a gift.

*Referral program

-Referral program for purchases. For example, if a user bought Invest for mining, he deducts 5% of the one who invited him.

-With AirDrop and FreeCoin, the following conditions are: if the user receives free tokens, he subtracts 10% to the person who invited him.

-PoS Mining has the following conditions: if the user mines the PoS method, then he deducts 10% of the one who invited him

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