Dont Touch My Phone Anti theft

Dont Touch My Phone Anti theft

Dont Touch My Phone Anti theft is the most famous version in the Dont Touch My Phone Anti theft series of publisher AUS Apps Studios

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AUS Apps Studios
Android 5.0 and up
Android Android 5.0 and up Personalization
November 8, 2021
( 317 ratings )
Price: $0

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Dont Touch My Phone Anti-Theft Alarm is a mobile phone security application. While you are traveling, eating, or sleeping, you just need to download the Don’t Touch My Phone: Anti-Theft Alarm app and enable it, so your phone alert can work properly. Anti-theft Don’t Touch my Phone is the best way to keep your phone away from unrelated and unwanted people. Find out who touched my phone, who unlocked it. Don’t Touch my phone alarm alert is the perfect phone guardian.
Don’t Touch my phone: Anti Theft Alarm & Phone Security also take the picture of the intruder itself.
The Key Features of the Don’t Touch My Phone: Anti Theft Alarm is as follows;
1) Proximity Detection
2) Motion Detection
3) Wi-Fi Detection
4) Spy Selfie (Intruder Selfie/ Crook catcher)
5) Charger Detection
6) Headphone Detection
• Proximity Detection
Activate Proximity Detection Alarm while traveling in public transport, you can guard your device against being stolen from your pocket. Do not touch my phone alarm offline feature works using the proximity sensor.
• Motion Detection
Place your phone on top of your laptop and enable a motion detection mode. If anybody tries to access your laptop or phone, instantly an alarm will ring and scare them away. So activate Motion Detection before placing your device anywhere.
• Wi-Fi Detection
The alarm will ring in case your Wi-Fi gets disconnected, all you have to do is activate the Wi-Fi Detection provided by the Anti Theft App.
• Spy Selfie (Intruder Selfie)
Spy Selfie helps in capturing the person who tried to unlock your phone. An intruder Selfie will be taken and the Phone Security Alarm will ring.
• Charger Detection
Charger Detection helps you know if someone tries to unplug your phone from the charging. Sometimes you change your device in a crowded place, Anti Theft Alarm lets you know if someone tries to steal it.
• Headphone Detection
The alarm is set if the hands-free is removed during some activity
How To Use Don’t Touch My Phone: Anti-Theft Alarm
— Press start to activate Anti-theft Alarm System
— Put the device anywhere
— If someone touches the phone, the app activates the alarm, you will get notified and capture the intruder
Download the app Don’t Touch My Phone: Anti-Theft Alarm free from Play Store and enjoy your routine life without worries. Thank you.

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